Shaista Lodhi Nikah Photoshoot with her Husband Adnan.

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Famous Morning show host Shaista Lodhi got married recently with Adnan Lodhi.

She has posted a status on her twitter account and announced she got married! Now her official photographer Published her Wedding Photoshoot. So here you go we have gathered lovely picture of Shista for her fans ! May Allah bless her and her family with happiness !
She has Published her Wedding pictures on her official website wit this Message

Last year was tough, I won’t deny it. The sequence of events that caused me to leave my homeland last year left me confused and hurt, even as I think of it now. I often wondered why were they happening to me and my loved ones, but the words that always comforted me resound in my mind even now..
Aye Ibn e Adam! Ek teri chahat hai aur ek Meri chahat hai,
Magar hoga wohi jo Meri chahat
Pas agar tu ne supard kar diya us ke, Jo Meri chahat hai,
To mein bakhsh doonga wo bhi, Jo teri chahat hai…. In a snap I had a new house in a new country, new neighbors, a different language, and without work, without parents, family and friends around me – in a snap. Sounds like a instant sabbatical? Yes indeed – from the powers above that made me re-look at everything around me and listen to the symphony of life all over again.
Being able to spend all my time with my children was a luxury that instantly started repairing me, and with my son’s ability to say just the right thing at the right time – life was golden again. But an important question that I had no answer to: when are we all going to go back home?
Back home things became worrisome for my parents and their concern for my well-being raised my own concerns at the time. My mother’s health took immediate effect of this and she ended up on a wheel chair, from being the heart of our family gatherings. I was clueless of my future when I was leaving my children and parents at the departure lounge on a flight to Pakistan in New York JFK, and when will I see them again.
And with the blessings of the Allah, I returned back to Karachi in June with my kids and this sense of rejuvenation that adds courage and vigilance with a beautiful balance. The responsibilities I have by being a morning shows host and a life coach to millions must be taken with the highest regard, and that my work and life should increase my love and respect for my Lord each day and through every action.
It was around this time that I realized that I too need time and attention, including my health. My family and elders always advocated and impressed on me, that I should think of settling again, and frankly I was not open to it at first due to my experience in the past. But I started taking the idea seriously, as I thought of my kids and their future, our society and a woman’s life in general.
So yes, I got married on the 30th of June to Adnan Lodhi who belongs to my family and won the hearts of my parents and elders’ that turned into a proposal for me. He is the first Pakistani auctioneer of Arts in South Africa and has been a source of courage and comfort to my children and me. The wedding was a very small and close family affair to make sure I enjoyed my wedding the most. Of all the things that I am thank full for, my role as a wife and a life partner is definitely the one that intrigues me the most.


Check out all the pictures below:

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